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Power Steering Rack Stop Leak

Power Steering Rack Stop Leak

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Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak 946ml designed to stop leaks, eliminates all squeals and rough spots and tight steering in power steering racks, coats all parts with a polymetric film which helps your steering rack run freely and smoothly by reducing friction on moving parts and at the same time eliminating fluid leaks.  Results are usually immediate however allow some mileage for product to circulate fully throughout the power steering rack. Please note: Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak will be ineffective should the leak be in a part of the system (i.e a union or pipe etc) where there is no seal. This is a large 946ml bottle. Up to 50% is sufficient to treat small leaks. In more severe cases or if persistent leakage occurs the complete rack should be drained ands replaced completely with the full 946ml bottle of Stop Leak. Not suitable for models with electric power steering (EPS).

Lucas is synonymous with quality oil products and is one of the largest suppliers of high performance products in the USA. This additive has been manufactured to be compatible with all types of mineral, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic fluids. 



Stops fluid leaks

Cures stiff tight steering

Eliminates noise

Suitable for all types of mineral, semi synthetic and synthetic fluids

Saves on expensive garage bills

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