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Caravan Top Cover 6.2m-6.8m (21-23ft)

Caravan Top Cover 6.2m-6.8m (21-23ft)

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Maypole Caravan Top Covers. Ideal for outdoor use. Manufactured from 150D Polyester with PU silver coating, UV stable fabric ensures long product life. The material is non abrasive, durable, lightweight and offers optimum protection for your caravan top from the elements uv rays, rain, dust, snow, ice, leaves and bird droppings. This cover is both fully breathable and waterproof , preventing water penetration while allowing any moisture to escape allowing evaporation of naturally occurring condensation. Supplied with elasticated straps with nylon coated steel hooks. Supplied with storage bag. 

Produced in the Peoples Republic of China for Maypole who have become the Uk's No1 name in towing and touring, offering quality products and outstanding service for the automotive after market. 

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Maypole Caravan Top Cover MP9265 /  Contains caravan top cover complete with underbody securing straps and quality draw string storage bag. Universal fitment suitable for caravans 6.2m-6.8m (21-23ft). Cover dimensions Length 644cm x Width 229cm x Height 41cm.


Superior roof cover offering protection for your caravan top

Designed to keep bird lime and tree sap from the roof of the caravan

Breathable fabric to allow moisture and damp to escape


Highly resistant to sunshine(100% ultraviolet resistant fabric prevents paint fade and ensures product life)

Durable, lightweight soft non abrasive fabric (will not scratch your caravan)

Securing straps ( not suitable for use in exposed windy areas)

Manufactured from 150D Polyester with PU silver coating

Suitable for all seasons ( suits extreme temperatures )

Hydrostatic pressure tested 1500mm (for water resistance)

Storage bag ( for cover when not in use )

Offers optimum protection of paintwork 

Ultimate protection against the elements including rain, snow, sun, frost, tree sap, birds, pets, dirt, scuffs and scratches

Colour: Grey

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Caravan Top Cover 6.2m-6.8m (21-23ft) Caravan Top Cover 6.2m-6.8m (21-23ft) Caravan Top Cover 6.2m-6.8m (21-23ft)

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