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CAT Catalytic Convertor fix fuel system cleaner

CAT Catalytic Convertor fix fuel system cleaner

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Cataclean patented Fuel & Exhaust System Cleaner 450ml, suitable for petrol,diesel and hybrid cars / vans. The only product on the market today which treats all four vital components that control the whole fuel system. That includes Injectors, Valves, Lamda Sensors and Catalytic Convertors.

Removes resedue from injectors and frees up sticking valves. Optimising combustion and ignition of the fuel mixture. Then it gets to work on the exhaust system rejeuvenating Lamda Sensors and Catalytic Convertor by removing harmful carbon deposits.

NOTE a contaminated Lambda Sensor sends out the wrong information to the ECU, this affects the air to fuel mixture, which in turn affects fuel consumption. A contaminated Catalytic Convertor causes back pressure resulting in loss of power, which in turn can damage the Catalytic Convertor.

Produced by the UK company Cataclean focused on the development of high quality products cleaning, service and maintenance products testing new technologies for the automotive industry.

Attention overseas customers including UK islands and Ireland Do Not Order. Please note due to the liquid nature of this product we are unable to ship this outwith the UK mainland.


Helps lower exhaust emissions by up to 60%. Especially useful at MOT time

Improves fuel consumption by up to 20%

Suitable for ALL Petrol and Diesel including Hybrids

helps improves engine efficiency which helps increase power and acceleration

Avoids expensive garage billsS

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