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Front Driver Seat Cover (ISUND)

Front Driver Seat Cover  (ISUND)

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Tailor made seat covers designed to fit the Isuzu N series truck front driver seat.

For passenger double seat covers go to ISUNP.

For passenger split double seat covers go to ISUNSP.

Produced in the UK by Town & Country, specialists in vehicle seat cover design and development. With decades of experience they have produced a breathable, water resistant cloth like fabric which keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Engineered using modern high-tech and manufacturing techniques. Offering the highest specification in the market.

Seat / Part Number / In the box

Front Drivers Seat Cover ISUND /  Suitable for Isuzu N series truck / In the box:  comprising of 2 pieces  one single back and one single base.

Colour: Grey

seat covers colours


Separate back and base covers provide a perfect fit

Allows seats to fold

Integral headrest

Allows access to seat contols and seat belt

Covers back of seat


Part Number: ISUND

Price: £41.99
Bonus Points Available: 42
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