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Motorcycle Motorbike Chain Cleaner

Motorcycle Motorbike Chain Cleaner

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WD-40 Specialist Motorbike Chain Cleaner, essential Specialist™ Line product specifically designed to remove dust, dirt, grime, and oil chains. Compatible with O, X and Z ring chains the formula blasts off contaminants and dries in minutes. Regular cleaning helps to reduce wear on the chain to maintain performance for longer. 

Produced in the USA by the innovative company WD-40 focused on the development of cleaning, service and maintenance products testing new technologies for the automotive industry. Its aim to be the best in its class meeting the needs of trades and industry professionals and solving all those more demanding jobs that just need to be done right.

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Specialist Motorbike Chain Cleaner 1000687a /  Contains  Motor Bike Chain Cleaner 400ml.  

Attention customers in Jersey, Guernsey and Republic of Ireland Do Not Order. Please note due to the liquid nature of this product we are unable to ship this outwith the UK mainland.


Quick drying

Leaves no residue

Maintains performance of chain 

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Silicone Shine 400ml

Total Wash 1ltr

Wax & Polish 400ml 

Complete 7 Product Cleaning Kit.

Price: £9.95
Bonus Points Available: 10
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