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Car Mats Liners & Storage

Premier Supplier of Car Boot Liners UK

Motorlicious offers a great range of boot liners for cars.

  • Car boot liners for dogs

  • Rubber boot liners

  • Waterproof boot liners

  • Mondeo boot liner

Boot liners for cars protect the fabric of your vehicle which adds considerable value for resale purposes. Car boot liners for dogs let you transport your pets wherever you go without your car boot getting filthy dirty. Our car boots liners are odour free, easy to clean and roll up for simple storage. We provide Mondeo boot liners to suit large cars. You can select waterproof boot liners with an optional ribbed surface; plastic or rubber boot liners to prevent water damage and stale smells. We guarantee durability because hard wearing is our top priority. We stock ready-to-sell car boot liners but also provide custom made car boot liners UK. A custom made liner will not slide in the boot of your car while travelling with your precious cargo, providing a safe and secure fit.