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Petrol Engine Air Intake Air Flow Sensor EGR Spray Cleaner

Petrol Engine Air Intake Air Flow Sensor EGR Spray Cleaner

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Power Max Fuel Applicator Spray 500ml, specifically developed to clean the entire air Intake system of petrol engines. This unique product is vaporised by the applicator and flows through the air intake system cleaning inlet tracts, valves and combustion chambers resulting in a smoother engine running, improved fuel economy and reduced emissions. Spray into the air intake system of petrol engines.(For Diesel air intake systems go to our 'Autoprofi Line Diesel Applicator Spray Cleaner').

Produced by the German innovative company CTP focused on the development of cleaning, service and maintenance products testing new technologies for the automotive industry. 

Attention overseas customers including UK islands and Ireland Do Not Order. Please note due to the liquid nature of this product we are unable to ship this outwith the UK mainland.



Cleans the air intake system, air flow sensors, inlet tracts, EGR valves and combustion chamber

Dissolves gum, laquer, tar, carbon and all unwanted deposits

Easy to use spray application, takes 10 minutes, with minimum dismantling of components required 

Restores air flow to combustion chamber

Provides regular and stable idling

Restores engine performance and fuel consumption

Eliminates starting problems

Improves acceleration

Reduces black exhaust emmision

Suitable for all petrol models including those fitted with catalytic convertors 

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