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Wheel Cover set UK

Wheel Cover set  UK

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Cover-Zone wheel cover sets have a unique design that allows easy fitment to most alloy wheels and tyres without the use of  straps or fastners. These wheel cover sets are specifically designed for cars requiring extra protection and extra security to alloy wheels and tyres. They do not absorb moisture where absolute waterproofing is essential and water droplets can be shaken when covers are removed. The fabric has been manufactured from black rugged Voyager material to hide dirt and brake dust.  Supplied with a handy drawstring storage bag.  

Produced in the UK by the innovative company Cover-Zone specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoked vehicle covers for classic, collectible and performance cars. With their fabric engineering philosophy using modern high-tech and manufacturing techniques added with decades of experience. Its aim to be the best in its class.

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Wheel Cover Set  CWC1 /  Contains four waterproof wheel covers complete with drawstring storage bag.  

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Car Cover Net (cnn430-510) Prevents cover balooning in high winds

Dust Removal Brush (ccb001) Designed to efficiently remove dust from car bodywork

Flexi fast dry water blade (ccb002) Efficiently removes water from car bodywork prior to fitting a cover 

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