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Radiator Matrix Head Gasket Fix Stop Leak

Radiator Matrix Head Gasket Fix Stop Leak

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Simply the Best and Easiest Sealing Product on the Market Today. We have been so impressed with K-Seal. There is no other product as good. K-Seal is specifically formulated to permanently seal most holes and cracks in the water system including the following: Engine Blocks - Radiators - Cylinder Heads - Head Gaskets - Heater Matrix - Water Pumps - Core Plugs.


 K-Seal is a unique combination of ceramic and copper ensuring a fast and permanent seal. Easily sealing holes of up to 0.75mm diameter and cracks of any length and up to 0.5mm wide. Once in the cooling system K-Seal continues to repair leaks as they occur.

K-Seal's special chemical formulation flows into cracks and holes. Forming a super strength permanent seal.

K-Seal's copper content formulation contributes to the strength of the repair and helps to conduct heat across the crack or hole. This eliminates hotspots that would normally form with non-metallic repair.

K-Seal can be left in the cooling system and will continue to repair leaks as they happen.

K-Seal will easily repair holes up to 0.75mm diameter and cracks of any length up to 0.5mm wide. Once cured will withstand temperatures of up to 540C (1000F) and pressures of up to 3000 psi. Designed to expand and contract, thus, eliminating hotspots ensuring weak points in the cooling system are properly sealed.

One bottle of K-Seal will treat cooling systems up to 23 litres capacity. Larger cooling systems will require two bottles.









Please Note: cheaper products can cause water blockage problems, particularly to the heater matrix, which has a fine water channel. This will cause the heater matrix not to function properly and you will probably experience cold air coming through the vents, instead of hot air in colder weather. This will involve having to replace the heater matrx.


1. Shake bottle vigorously for contents to mix thoroughly.

2. Add complete container to radiator or expansion tank. If pouring into expansion tank, idealy pre-mix complete bottle with 1 litre of water to allow K-seal to disperse effectively

3. The leak will stop within 1 to 3 minutes once the engine has reached operating temperature.

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