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Slick Mist Detail Kit - 5 Piece

Slick Mist Detail Kit - 5 Piece

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Lucas Slick Mist Detailing 5 peice Kit contains Speed Wax 710ml x1, Interior Detailer 710ml x1, Tire & Trim Shine 710ml x1, Microfibre Towel x 1 and a Tire Sponge. Speed Wax: is a polymer paint gloss intensifier, which can be used on other surfaces such as glass, chrome and vinyl decals. Can be used as a traditional wax, quick detail spray or spray it on your vehicle between rinsing and drying for the easiest polish job ever. Just spray it on a wet or dry surface and wipe it off. Slick Mist out performs the competition and will leave your finish slicker and shinier than any product on the market, with long lasting protection. Interior Detailer: is an environmentally friendly detailer spray exclusively formulated to clean and protect like nothing you’ve ever used. Spray as needed onto interior surfaces such as plastic, vinyl, leather, rubber, and metal for a “like-new” look. Cleans and protects steering wheels, dashboards, seats, consoles, doors, and trim. Also works great on household furniture. Tire & Trim Shine: is an environmentally friendly treatment spray exclusively formulated to give Tires and Trim a long lasting “like-new” shine. Use Slick Mist Tire Shine to remove dull, grey oxidation from Bumpers, Tires, Plastic, or any Rubber, & Vinyl Trim. 

Do not use any Slick Mist® Products on floors, vessel controls (PEDALS, GRIPS, STEERING WHEELS), motorcycle seats or tire treads, bicycle seats or tire treads, brake drums and any other surfaces where slipperiness may be hazardous.

Lucas is synonymous with quality oil products and is one of the largest suppliers of high performance products in the USA. Established in the US in 1989, Lucas Oil is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of engine lubricants, additives and workshop greases. Products are designed to exceed the highest vehicle manufacturer specification levels; many of the additives are used in very high performance vehicles, helping to build a winning reputation with garage mechanics through to motorsport engineers.

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LUCAS Slick Mist Detailing Kit  / 10558   Contains a  5 peice Kit contains Speed Wax 710ml x1, Interior Detailer 710ml x1, Tire & Trim Shine 710ml x1, Microfibre Towel x 1 and a Tire Sponge. 


Contains speed wax (710ml), interior Detailer (710ml) and tire & trim shine (710ml)

Includes micro fibre cloth and tyre sponge

Ideal for use on cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, planes & RVs

Use on wet or dry surfaces

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Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabalizer Synthetic  3.79ltr 

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Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak 946ml

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Lucas Transmission ATF Auto/box Sure Shift 946ml

Lucas Transmission ATF Auto/box Sure Shift 5ltr 

Lucas Transmission ATF Auto/b Conditioner 591ml 

Lucas Transmission Fix Auto/box Stop Slip 710ml

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